Refer your patients to a registered dietitian covered by insurance

Find board-certified, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who will design custom plans for your patients and work through insurance to get it covered.

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Nutrition counseling covered by insurance

and 700+ more plans
and 700+ more plans
How it works

Completely customized care

Licensed nutritionists meet 1-on-1 with your patients to design a plan that is customized to their needs. This could include meal planning, journaling, or a number of other methods that are clinically proven to work.

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Access to 24/7 chat
In person sessions
Grocery shopping
Intuitive eating exercises
Video calls
Meal planning
Coordinating with providers
Family-based care
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Providing specialized care for your patients needs

Fay helps you find a highly qualified nutritionist, so you can get the care you need while saving money.

Eating Disorders
High Blood Pressure
Sports Nutrition
Thyroid Health
General Nutrition
Weight Loss
Ozempic/GLP-1 Support
Many more
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At a Glance

pie chart highlighting over 80%
of people reached or maintained their target weight
9  out of  10
people adopt behaviors that improve their health and wellbeing
improve their relationship with food
see improved lab results
avoid partial or full hospitalization
make lifestyle changes that help avoid complications
of people safely reduce or avoid use of medication
experienced increased body confidence
feel empowered to make lifestyle decisions that involve food that bring them joy
adopted intuitive eating techniques
experience improved mental health

Hear what patients are saying

Fay made it so affordable and easy
"I've struggled with PCOS for a while. Fay made it so affordable and easy to meet with a PCOS dietitian who has availability on nights and weekends. That almost never happens."
Amanda B.
I wish I knew about this sooner
"I meet with my nutritionist every other week and insurance covers all of it! I didn't even know I had this as a benefit. I wish I knew about this sooner."
Aaron E.
I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes
"When I became pre-diabetic, I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes. My nutritionist taught me a lot, and I've been managing my blood sugar with what I put on my plate"
Joseph D.
I feel more confident
"I lost 15 pounds after 3 sessions with my nutritionist. She helped me build a better relationship with food. I feel more confident in the kitchen and ordering out."
Molly W.
Critical for my daughter's recovery
"Fay was recommended to us by our psychiatrist and we were able to connect with an eating disorder specialist, which has been critical for my daughter's recovery."
Zoe T.
It only cost me $5 after insurance
"I was able to find the perfect nutritionist to help me manage my diabetes and IBS. I was shocked to learn that it only cost me $5 after insurance!"
Matt R.
I LOVE my dietitian
"I LOVE my dietitian. She designed a customized plan for me and kept me accountable. My sessions were FREE because insurance paid for it."
Kelly O.

Frequently Asked Questions

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