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Eating disorder treatment covered by insurance

and 700+ more plans
and 700+ more plans

Trauma informed specialists

Collaborative, multi-disciplinary treatment teams including dietitians were 2x more likely to work.

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Dietitian Nutritionist
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World-class providers, delivering best-in-class outcomes

Treatment participants reported improvements after just 3 months.

avoid partial or full hospitalization
experienced increased body confidence
improve their relationship with food
Food exchange system
Body confidence training
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journal and pens
Hunger cue training
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Intuitive eating exercises
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Family-based care
Video calls
How it works

Reach recovery with personalized support

Clinically proven treatments, customized to you, with help every step of the way.

Virtual sessions, personalized 1 on 1 care

Get timely support from wherever, whenever.

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Your Dietitian Nutritionist
Hey! How are you doing this week?
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A lot better! Thanks for your suggestions!

Expert care, wherever you are

Looking for convenience? Virtual treatments deliver care, so you can stay home.

Find local support tailored to you

Fay can help you find local treatment that can provide personalized support tailored to your lifestyle and community.

Vetted and highly skilled providers

Through Fay, you're getting treatment from board-certified experts, specialized in eating disorder care.

What people are saying

We were in and out of expensive facilities for years until we got help through Fay. They helped keep my daughter in recovery mode, so we could stay home and live life. Everything was billed through insurance and we paid $0 for 2+ years of care.
- Laura R.
I felt so many places and providers kept pushing me away and trying to get rid of me because I couldn’t afford to pay. Fay was finally the place I found help that stuck with me through it all. They billed insurance directly and didn’t try and offload that admin burden to me when I was already burdened with battling my own demons.
- Benjamin L.
Me and my husband calculated how much we spent with other ED treatments and the costs totaled more than $10K. Fay is $0 and the treatment and attention we experience is more effective and worth more than any other treatment I’ve been through.
- Kristin S.
I usually don’t leave reviews for obvious reasons. This is the first time I’m doing it because people need to know you can get lifesaving care that’s continuous and on at all times and you deserve to have it paid for you by your insurance.
- Emma M.

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