ARFID treatment that comes to your home

Treatment that comes to your home virtually or is near your home locally.

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ARFID treatment covered by insurance

and 700+ more plans
and 700+ more plans

Help overcoming your challenges with ARFID

Picky eating
Stunted growth during puberty
Failure to gain or lose weight
Eating small portions very slowly
Fear of certain foods
Discomfort with certain food textures
Arguments surrounding mealtime
Reliance on supplements for food
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Personalized support for ARFID

Grocery shopping
Meal planning
Intuitive eating exercises
Video calls
Access to 24/7 chat
In person sessions
Coordinating with providers
Family-based care

Your journey to a better relationship with food starts here

Treatment participants reported improvements after just 3 months.

avoid partial or full hospitalization
experienced increased body confidence
improve their relationship with food

Virtual sessions, convenient and cozy

Treatment providers with Fay undergo a rigorous vetting process. Read more about how we guarantee quality care.

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Expert care, wherever you are

Looking for convenience? Virtual treatments deliver care, so you can stay home.

Find local support tailored to you

Fay can help you find local treatment that can provide personalized support tailored to your lifestyle and community.

Vetted and highly skilled providers

Through Fay, you're getting treatment from board-certified experts, specialized in eating disorder care.

What people are saying

Every meal was a battle with our son. We avoided family events or certain functions because of the tension with food. But this last Thanksgiving was drama free and our relatives were so surprised to see the new and different things Peter was putting on his plate. I know that sounds small to some, but it was a very happy/proud moment for us.
- Tony N.
My provider was patient and supportive. She never once got frustrated or angry. She was an absolute saint and I know I’m not an easy client…. I don’t even remember how much it cost me, maybe $7.50 a session or something like that. It makes other treatment programs feel like highway robbery.
- Michelle B.
The last time I got help for ARFID it was disruptive to my life. It made things so much worse. ARFID treatment with Fay wasn’t like that. I kept my normal routine like all my friends. It didn’t disrupt my budgeting either. I remember last time all the money I saved for vacation went into trying to get better. This year we enjoyed spring break like all of our friends, and we did not have to answer awkward questions about what was going on.
- Sasha T.

You don't have to do this alone

Begin treatment for ARFID today.

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