Anorexia treatment that comes to your home

Treatment that comes to your home virtually or is near your home locally.

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Anorexia treatment covered by insurance

and 700+ more plans
and 700+ more plans

Help overcoming your challenges with anorexia

Fearing certain foods
Skipping meals
Avoiding eating
Abusing diet pills or laxatives
Thinking about food all the time
Thinning or losing hair
Missing period
Using caffeine to suppress hunger
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Recover from anorexia with personalized support

Video Calls
Access to 24/7 chat
Family-based care
Hunger cue training
Food exchange system
In person sessions
Coordinating with providers

Your treatment journey starts (and ends) here

Treatment participants reported improvements after just 3 months.

avoid partial or full hospitalization
experienced increased body confidence
improve their relationship with food

Virtual sessions, convenient and cozy

Treatment providers with Fay undergo a rigorous vetting process. Read more about how we guarantee quality care.

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Expert care, wherever you are

Looking for convenience? Virtual treatments deliver care, so you can stay home.

Find local support tailored to you

Fay can help you find local treatment that can provide personalized support tailored to your lifestyle and community.

Vetted and highly skilled providers

Through Fay, you're getting treatment from board-certified experts, specialized in eating disorder care.

What people are saying

When checking out of residential, the facility recommended Fay. It’s been 3 years now and I’ve stayed in recovery. I used to have to do weekly sessions, but now only need care once a month. Crazy to see how far I’ve come.
- Lisa W.
Voices in my head grew louder and louder, and I didn’t want to find myself on life support again. I was avoiding care because it was expensive and totally getting in the way of all the plans I had for myself. Fay was the opposite of all that: I stayed home and it was free….and it’s working. I can message my provider when things get bad. She is the friend I always wish I had.
- Nancy H.
My provider was so thoughtful about all of my triggers and trauma responses. It never felt like getting care, it felt like a weekly meeting with my best friend. We laughed, we cried, and I got better and stayed better. Looking back I guess you can say I was undergoing “Anorexia treatment” but it stopped feeling that way. Not having to pay a bill at the end of my sessions made all of that disappear into the background of my life.
- Gracie C.

The last anorexia treatment you'll ever need

Start your recovery today.

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