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Fay’s Core Team: Dedicating their lives to serving dietitians and their clients

May 24, 2024

Written by Fay Nutrition & Dieteticcs

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Key Points

  • Fay’s core team is dedicated their lives to serving dietitians and their clients
  • Fay’s core team is comprised of people whose family members are dietitians themselves, or who have their life changed by a dietitian’s care
  • Fay hopes to be the heroes dietitians and their clients need right now, as they transform the US healthcare system from a “sick care” system to one of prevention and wellbeing

In the earliest day’s of starting Fay, the founders and original team were motivated by what they saw as a fundamental flaw in the US healthcare system: food (and our relationship with it) played such an outsized role in our wellbeing, yet dietitians and nutrition related care had been sidelined. 

Comprised of a team of people whose family members were dietitians, or who had obtained lifesaving care from a dietitian themselves, the team set out to change the status quo. They felt dietitians needed warriors to help make them the star of the show, and the first line of defense in someone’s health journey. They saw a world where people can get affordable care from a dietitian paid for by their health insurance, so they can avoid the mess of confusing that plagued nutrition. 

It quickly caught on that each individual should be a hero, and thus the idea of our “Marvel Team” was born. With it came the concept of superhero codenames that represented their skillsets and the role they hoped to play for the most important people in their lives: dietitians and their clients.

You can meet more of the team, but checking out their Marvel Team Profile pages here:

Our Marvel Team: dietitian superheroes

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Fay Nutrition & Dieteticcs

Written by Fay Nutrition & Dieteticcs

Fay Nutrition & Dietetics is elevating the role that food plays in our healthcare system by making nutrition therapy by a board-certified Registered Dietitian more accessible and affordable. People meet with a nutrition expert paid for by their health insurance and see progress across a number of health conditions: diabetes, eating disorders, heart disease, and many others.


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