Viktoria Cojan, RD

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As a Registered Dietitian, my goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to feel empowered to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices that will transform your health and well-being. Expectations: working with me you'll get Nutrition coaching which is realistic and easy-to-apply to your everyday life. I like to make things fun so that it is easy to remember, and I focus on YOUR goals and what you want to achieve. My focuses: General nutrition, Diabetes, digestion, food allergies, GERD, gut health, High blood pressure, high cholesterol, IBD, IBS, kidney disease, oncology, PCOS, pediatrics, pregnancy, thyroid health, and weight gain/weight loss I began my nutrition journey at the University of Califonia, Davis, where I majored in clinical nutrition. I later went on to gain experience as a dietitian with focuses on wellness nutrition. As a dietetic intern I had the priviledge of running a 6-week email campaign where I was able to successfully encourage over 1000 students and and faculty to eat more fruits and veggies with new and exciting challenges each week, as well as prizes for achieving the weekly set goals. I also have over 6 years experience working at an acute hospital where I helped many patients in acute settings to better understand and manage their nutritional needs. I've been a dietitian since 2019 and I've loved being able to empower many with the knowledge to maintain their health or to manage their diseases through research based nutrition practices. Get to know me: I am a mom of 2 adorable and fun kiddos who challenge me to be a better person each day. We love to travel and go hiking whenever we get the chance. We especially love visiting the California beaches and enjoying the refreshing air and views. Drive: I wanted to become a dietitian so that I can empower people to maintain or improve their health through healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. I thrive from seeing my clients get the excited in meeting their goals and seeing the benefits of nutrition.


Gut Health
Food Allergies & Sensitivities
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Kidney Disease
Cancer / Oncology
Pregnancy & Postpartum
Thyroid Health
Vegan & Vegetarian
Weight Loss


Intuitive Eating
Motivational Interviewing
Elimination Diet
Relationship With Food
Mind-Body Connection
Supplement Management
Meal Planning
Lab Testing

Insurance accepted

Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, United Medical Resources (UMR)

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3783 Bilsted Way, Sacramento, CA 95834
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