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I’m a Registered Dietitian since 2011 with an advanced Master of Science degree with a concentration in Nutrition. My education is constant and my desire to help others only continues to grow. I live nutrition and wellness and I genuinely enjoy helping others. I feel immense joy and pride when someone makes positive changes. When the client is open, positive, and dedicated we can achieve real progress. I value your time, effort, and trust in me. I’ll never give you any bias, I’ll only ever give you evidenced-based feedback and approaches.

I became a Registered Dietitian to help people find factual information to help them obtain their wellness goals. There is and seems to always have been far too much misinformation circulating and I have made it my life’s goal to help people with their nutrition using evidence-based information. I get it, Nutrition is overwhelming with all of the information that is available. Let me be the one to clear up the misinformation for you.

While I can see client’s for almost any medical nutrition therapy area, I know where I excel with helping those with my listed specialties. So many nutrition concerns are interrelated, and we will find steps for you to take with each session. This should leave you feeling motivated and confident after each session. Every approach we take will be manageable and in line with your input. While there are no “magical” nutrition answers, I will provide you with the best possible tools for your success and enjoyment while working on your nutrition goals.

I call myself Dad Dietitian as I’m a father of two beautiful boys and with a busy life my wife and our family manage to practice what we preach. Nutrition and exercise are essential to our lives, and we have fun doing it as a family. We also have a passion for dogs and foster golden retrievers finding them forever homes since as long as I’ve been a Registered Dietitian. My favorite hobbies are all things sport, hiking, biking, and anything I can enjoy with my family and if that is outside that is even better!


Weight Loss
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Vegan & Vegetarian
Sports Nutrition
General Nutrition


Meal Planning
Relationship With Food
Lab Testing
Supplement Management
Personalized Macros

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Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare

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