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Olga Kras is a registered, licensed dietitian nutritionist with 25 years of experience. She is an accomplished dietitian, counselor, educator, and wellness consultant known for her concierge-type 1:1 service. Working with her amplifies a healthy lifestyle, as well as motivates and empowers her patients and clients on the journey to achieving and succeeding in their individual goals. Olga's expertise and current knowledge of nutrition and dietetic-related products, menu development, trends and standards, and diverse background in clinical areas will provide you with the necessary tools to nourish and heal. In her spare time, Olga enjoys playing piano, gardening, cooking, traveling with her husband, and spending time with her 3 children. Here is my philosophy: Invest in your health! Look at your health and health of your loved ones as a long-term investment with high dividends! It's a fact that next to smoking and drinking, the FOOD you eat has the largest impact on your health.


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