Natalie Van Beek, RD

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Natalie is a Board-Certified Registered Dietitian licensed in the state of Illinois. She attended Dominican University, where she completed her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics as well as her MS in Nutrition. Spanning her career, Natalie has worked with a wide variety of individuals, from adolescents to adults with varying health conditions. It was after working with a private practice group in Chicago that Natalie discovered her passion for helping those suffering with eating disorders or years of disordered eating patterns repair their relationship with food. Natalie has since continued to provide nutrition services to this population in a variety of settings-from residential treatment programs to outpatient programs.Natalie understands that for those working through disordered eating patterns or an eating disorder, there is oftentimes a missing mind-body connection. Natalie believes it is imperative to work with clients to reconnect the mind and body to establish or repair ones' healthy relationship with food. Her nutrition philosophy is built around the idea that "all foods fit," and that it is possible to incorporate all foods, no foods being off limits. Catch Natalie on a day off and you'll find her reading a good book, playing with her two cats, Jax and Gemma, or taking a walk along Lake Michigan.


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