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I excitedly work with clients seeking guidance with their food relationships, ready to take part in their own wellness journey. I will be your educator, mentor, guide, and ally throughout the many phases of life that inevitably conceive a barrier or few. My holistic approach investigates multiple factors of your past and current lifestyle, mindset, and physical health, which will provide intuitive and science-based insights to encourage a positive and sustainable change in your wellness. I will hold you accountable and present to you as a vocal mirror: telling you the things that are best for your growth, within a safe, supportive space. There is always space to ask questions, laugh, cry, and feel in our sessions - these are the transformative ones!

I retain both Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN) credentials. I received my plant-based education (BS and MS degrees) from Loma Linda University (LLU), which also happens to be the location of the only Blue Zone (or area in which people consistently reach age 100) in North America! However, I do work with all types of food choices, including meat eaters. My personal eating pattern is Pescatarian (plant-based + seafood). Originally hailing from Southern California, I moved to lovely South Carolina in 2022.

I went back to school to earn my BS and MS degrees in nutrition as a single mother of two after a nearly 2-decade long career in cosmetology no longer called to me. Having Associates degrees in Anthropology and Humanities, I felt drawn to the study of nutrition as the influence of food affects the outcome of all aspects of our lives. I found that the power of food and the impact it has over our body and mind is cyclical and interwoven in our lives as early as the womb and even beyond this, in our food relationships from our families, cultures, and ancestors. As a mixed POC, I have many influences on my own nutrition and wellness and appreciate being able to support others on this level as well.

I have worked as an eating disorder dietitian within all levels of care - including inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient. I continue to work on this outpatient level with those identifying as men, women, and gender fluid. I have experience with all disordered eating patterns including: AN, BN, BED, Orthorexia, and ARFID, as well as Body Dysmorphic Disorder and those not officially diagnosed with an ED. I also invite those on a food-relationship journey to work with me as well, even if that involves a desire to change or influence your body's shape, so long as it is in a healthy way. I find that my unique empathic and intuitive skills combined with my nutrition knowledge and passion for helping others understand and heal themselves, allows me to support and educate others in a sustainable way.


Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating
Vegan & Vegetarian


Intuitive Eating
Motivational Interviewing
Relationship With Food
Mind-Body Connection
Health At Every Size (HAES)
Supplement Management
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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