Marina Kan, RD

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I am a Registered Dietitian who graduated with a B.S. in Clinical Nutrition from UC Davis and completed my dietetic internship at Sac State. I discovered my passion for food and nutrition early in life after learning about the crucial role of food in disease prevention. This awareness arose as I observed family members affected by various chronic diseases that could have been prevented with a healthy lifestyle. Currently, I counsel clients to help them manage conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, prediabetes, and diabetes. Importantly, I recognize the role of food in celebrating culture and maintaining wellness. In my counseling, I incorporate culturally sensitive practices to provide individualized advice tailored to the needs of my clients. My aim is to assist you in developing a healthier relationship with food through a non-diet approach, enabling you to achieve your nutrition goals. In the kitchen, you'll often find me cooking Chinese or Japanese dishes. Outside of work, my interests include reading, running, and watching Netflix. I am fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Feel free to book an appointment to see how I can help you with your nutrition journey!

我是一名註冊營養師,畢業於加州戴維斯分校,獲得臨床營養學學士學位,並完成了在薩克拉門托州立大學的營養實習。我很早就在生活中發現了對食物和營養的熱情,當我開始注意到家人受到各種慢性疾病的影響時,我了解到食物在預防疾病中的重要性,這些疾病本可以通過健康的生活方式預防。現在,我輔導客戶,幫助他們管理疾病,如高血壓、高血膽固醇、糖尿病前期和糖尿病。更重要的是,我重視食物在慶祝文化的作用。現在,我在我的輔導中採用具有文化敏感性的做法,以確保我提供個性化的建議,以滿足客戶的實際需求。我希望我可以通過非節食的方法幫助您建立與食物的更健康的關係,以便您可以實現營養目標。在廚房裡,你可以找到我烹飪中國或日本菜餚。在工作之外,你可以找到我閱讀、跑步或看Netflix。我講英語、廣東話和普通話 - 歡迎預約時間,了解我如何在您的營養旅程中為您提供幫助!


High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Weight Loss


Intuitive Eating
Motivational Interviewing
Relationship With Food
Mind-Body Connection
Lab Testing
Health At Every Size (HAES)

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Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, United Medical Resources (UMR)

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1619 18th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
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