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After each session, you will have a clear understanding of what was discussed during the session and what needs to be modified moving forward. Leaving the session feeling confused, frustrated, or talked down to will never be an issue; you can expect to feel like your time and money was well spent!

As a dietitian, I do my best to understand the root cause of the issue, rather than putting a band aid on the situation. I am a new dietitian and have experience in an outpatient clinical setting, one that treats obesity as a medical condition. That being said, I regularly counsel patients with chronic conditions (T2DM, HTN, high BP, GERD, hyperlipidemia, etc.) as well as bariatric patients.

Additionally, I have a passion for sports nutrition as I was an athlete my entire life. I played collegiate, division 1 lacrosse, so I understand the importance of “fueling for performance and recovery”. I do a lot of self education on the topic as I seek to gain experience in the future. Other than being a dietitian, I absolutely love to workout and move my body, read, go for long walks, and cook.

I wanted to become an RD because I struggled immensely with my relationship with food for over a decade. As an athlete it affected my play, but as a person it affected my relationships and ability to “live my life”. I was a slave to the food scale, counting calories, measuring, and restricting my intake. Food was on my mind and my mind was on food. Constantly. I truly understand the struggle. Thankfully, I am now free from the chains food had on me and I want to bring that same freedom and healing to others. Food is nourishing. Healing. Delicious! Not something to manipulate and despise. Trust me.

Moreover, I wanted to start my own private practice so that I would have the flexibility to raise a family one day and be the best wife to my future husband. Although my passion for food and nutrition is hot, it is not my life and I never intend for it to be. Being a wife and mother one day are the greatest desires of my heart, so I want to put myself in a position where I can balance being a dietitian and have quality time with my family. I do believe The Lord called me to dietetics; I am very grateful to have a passion for my profession and be in the position to help others!


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