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Jessi is a Registered Dietitian and co-founder of LK Nutrition LLC. She Jessi is a graduate of Ohio University and holds advanced certification in the field of diabetes intervention from this university. She completed her master’s degree and dietetic internship at the Ohio State University where she focused on cancer survivor nutrition and their perception of organic versus conventionally grown produce. This research is published in the journal of Supportive Care in Cancer.

Based on this background, one might assume Jessi focuses on diabetes or cancer nutrition but that is not where her career landed her! Jessi found her passion in the nutrition field post-masters degree when she took a job at a small outpatient facility that treated individuals diagnosed with Eating Disorders.

In this space Jessi found her true calling and built her personal nutrition philosophy from the ground up. She found that it is so easy to get caught up in diet culture-based expectations around food, our bodies, and our relationship with exercise.

In this setting, she saw the true horrors of what diet culture can do to one’s relationship with their own body. Instead of prescribing diet regimens and focusing on counting numbers on labels, Jessi focuses on each client as the whole human they are. We decenter that number on the scale and dive into lifestyle, support systems, mental health, food access, etc. as all of these factors play a role in one's nutritional health. In her work she individualizes every session to ensure the changes being made are sustainable and realistic.

Over the past 8 years working in the field of Eating Disorders, the following nutrition philosophy was developed:

1. Timing and consistency are key when it comes to healing your relationship with food.

2. All foods can provide useful nutrients and can fit into a healthful lifestyle.

3. There should be no moral judgments placed on foods - there is no such thing as good and bad food.

4. Every individual internally has what they need to return to honoring their internal cues around food naturally, but every individual's journey to that end goal will look different.

Along her career path she has also developed special interests in allergy/food intolerances, digestive health, navigating sports/exercise in recovery from an Eating Disorder.

When she isn’t working, Jessi enjoys seeing live music, taking her dog exploring, and reading a good mystery novel.


Meal Planning
Intuitive Eating
Motivational Interviewing
Relationship With Food
Mind-Body Connection
Health At Every Size (HAES)

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