Eshan Dandekar, RD

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Nutrition is an essential part of our lives that we seem to neglect with time. Eshan’s expectations of clients/patients are not for them to understand and know every bit of knowledge out there on nutrition. The purpose is to teach you, like an owner’s manual, how to utilize our current knowledge of nutrition to your benefit. Think of yourself as a mini science experiment, it is time to write down data points, let Eshan do the research, and you get to see the results. Results can be viewed in many ways, not just weight on the scale. This also means that there is not one correct answer to your needs. Patients and clients in the past have had multiple chronic, or acute, diseases such as cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, along with diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc. They are multifactorial individuals, and it takes multiple factors that include exercise, behavioral patterns, and more, that help feed into a successful nutritional outcome. Eshan’s background comes from a foundation of exercise biology - the study and application of exercise on well-being, diseases, and performance - and have spent grueling graduate years on both exercise and nutritional studies. Most of his nutritional focus has been on metabolism, body composition, and sports nutrition and practiced with patients who suffered from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and trouble with weight management. Currently the credentials he holds are a national certificate/licensure as a Registered Dietitian and Clinical Exercise Physiologist, with more specializations on the way. With the combination of both backgrounds, clients have varied from adolescents to geriatrics, sedentary to performance, and seeing patients to working with collegiate athletes. Having worked in a variety of clinics and programs, we can boil down what is important for us to be successful to a few points: 1) Food is essential - there is no way around it, 2) relationship with food can be difficult, and 3) let’s make food fun and enjoyable once our foundations have been built. We’ll make this nutritional journey enjoyable, relatable, and applicable to your needs and goals.


High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Sports Nutrition
Weight Loss


Meal Planning
Intuitive Eating
Motivational Interviewing
Elimination Diet
Relationship With Food
Mind-Body Connection
Supplement Management
Personalized Macros
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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