Christina Yangas, RD

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Hey there! My name is Christina Yangas. I'm a nationally registered dietitian with a masters degree in human nutrition from The University of Alabama. I first wanted to be a dietitian to help change the face of sports dietetics. I wanted to be one of the first females to help take a team to the Super Bowl, championship, Olympics – you name it. I saw the fun in optimizing performance of elite athletes. However, as I studied nutrition I learned more about how broken the health system is and how often misconceptions about diet and food are causing long term repercussions. I learned about people unable to afford food, those without access to care, and a multibillion dollar diet industry changing what people “should” eat. That led to a career to help undo the complicated relationship people have with food and themselves. I believe food should be part of your life, not your whole life.


Meal Planning
Intuitive Eating
Health At Every Size (HAES)

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2902 W Lemon St, Tampa, FL 33609
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