Camilla Blanton, RD

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Camilla is a Board-Certified Registered Dietitian and iMove certified practitioner. After graduating with dual degrees in nutritional sciences and human environmental sciences from Texas A&M University she completed her clinical internship & training through the University of Houston. Her dietary career has encompassed work in residential, inpatient and outpatient intensive hospitalization settings for eating disorders alongside unique training in RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport) for athletes & Family Based Treatment (FBT) in the virtual setting. Sessions with Camilla encompass a non-diet & HAES (health at every size) aligned approach to support all of her patients in rebuilding and repairing their relationship with food. Camilla believes in utilizing gold standard evidenced based care to support all who seek recovery from an eating disorder or those seeking sports nutrition support to aid in their performance. As your dietitian, Camilla will work with you to support the variety of dietary & movement aspects to allow you to reconnect with your body.


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