Becky French, RD

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In our sessions, we will adopt a functional nutrition approach, delving into essential areas like gut health, food sensitivities, adrenal health, and stress management. The aim is to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms or illness, as imbalances in the body often give rise to these issues. My own journey with autoimmune illness has instilled a deep passion for helping others facing similar challenges with their health, especially related to gut imbalances and food sensitivities. Restoring gut health can yield significant improvements, such as alleviating joint pain, brain fog, food sensitivities, depression, and IBS, among other issues. Together, we will address the root causes from within, focusing on chronic inflammation that might stem from gut health concerns. I utilize advanced testing, like GI Map Stool Testing and MRT Food Sensitivity Testing, to gain valuable insights into your gut microbiome and overall health. With a Master's Degree in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University and 15 years of experience in clinical and functional nutrition, I specialize in gut health and autoimmune/thyroid health. My approach centers around prevention, recognizing the importance of seeking help before symptoms become chronic. Through my virtual practice, Gut Health Fixer Upper, I've assisted numerous clients in rebalancing their gut health, losing weight, reducing inflammation, and even reversing diabetes using functional medicine principles. Personally, I cherish time with my family in northern Ohio, where we enjoy golfing, bike riding, walking our chocolate labs, and RV camping to unwind. As a mother, I'm deeply committed to preventative health/nutrition, ensuring my boys grow up feeling their best and equipped with lifelong wellness knowledge. My motto is to thrive, not just survive. Witnessing my clients' transformative journeys and witnessing them become their best selves drives my passion for what I do. True healing is not a quick fix; it involves nurturing and healing the body the right way to achieve lasting results. Together we will not stop until you are truly feeling your best.


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