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Hi, I'm Anne Lelong MS, RD, CCH

I find the human body fascinating and I was drawn to study physiology and nutrition from a young age to look at how things work and what we can do to live with vibrancy. Not just healthfully, but with energy and passion.

I'm a master's level dietitian and clinical herbalist. I attended U.C. Davis for nutrition and exercise physiology, did my year long internship at Yale, then earned my master's in nutrition with an emphasis in functional nutrition at Bridgeport U in T. Along the way I studied herbal medicine for 3 years at the former Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies. This combination of nutrition, lifestyle/exercise (or what I like to refer to as play or movement), and herbal medicine is a winning one that allows me to more easily look for root causes of conditions and help my clients achieve the vitality they have been searching for. I also became certified as an addictions counselor to further explore the psychological components of why we are drawn to eat foods that do not support our health.

While I believe I was doing some great work right out of school, being in the nutrition field as an instructor, a solo practitioner, and working in clinics for a number of years has expanded my ability to meet clients where they are and to help them achieve the goals they are looking for. It's also more comfortable for many to work with a practitioner who has a little more life experience and who isn't the same age as their daughter!

I love working with teens, adults, and elders, searching to help them find the techniques that work for them. I've worked with weight concerns from wanting to lose a few stubborn pounds to morbid obesity, mood disorders. migraines, cholesterol concerns, pre-diabetes and diabetes, GERD or reflux, other digestive issues, traumatic brain injury, early stage Alzheimer's, prevention of dementia, food sensitivities/allergies including celiac disorder, pregnancy, alcohol addiction, eating disorders, autism spectrum, pregnancy, and other areas. Nutrition, lifestyle, and sometimes herbal allies all play a role in regaining or increasing health.

I've worked with those residing in the Boulder CO area, as well as with Pacific Islanders with their unique needs while residing in Hawaii for 10 years. I believe that now we eat is as important as what we eat. In my classes at Naropa University and previously at our local school for herbal medicine, altering relationship with food is often one of the most cited rewarding experiences of the course.

I love taking advantage of what Colorado has to offer and play outdoors often with my husband....camping, hiking, SUPing, riding bikes, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Playing is vital for vitalism!


Weight Loss
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Gut Health


Intuitive Eating
Motivational Interviewing
Mind-Body Connection
Supplement Management
Relationship With Food
Lab Testing
Elimination Diet

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