Janet Beltran, RD

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In my undergraduate program at Benedictine University, I was awarded the community nutrition award; which is awarded to dietetic students that provide service to the community through nutrition. Fast forward a few years, and I have been a dietitian for almost 4 years. It is enlightening to see how much has changed since the beginning of my career. As well as how much I have learned and grown throughout while educating clients about their nutrition needs. Clients should expect to learn what steps to take in their lifestyle to achieve success with any nutrition change they set for themselves. As well as being able to adapt those goals to their current and future needs. I will meet my clients at their current spots and walk with them on this journey to self-discovery. I am very lucky to say I identify as Hispanic/Latina. I can speak Spanish to break the language barrier when it comes to providing nutrition education. I decided to become a dietitian because I loved the basics of nutrition as well as my dad has been a long-term sufferer of high blood pressure among other conditions. Also, due in part to the fact that my paternal grandmother passed away in her mid-50s due to complications from diabetes, and she was considered a healer in her community.


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