Height: 5 ft 4 in

Weight: 165 lbs

BMI: 28.3

Registered Dietitian

Vanessa Jones, RD

Insurances: Aetna,Anthem,Blue Cross Blue Shield,Cigna,United Healthcare

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Changes / challenges since last visit

Client wanted to double check on start of pregnancy weight

Confirmation of pregnancy-weight (10wks): 169lbs, 2/28/24

5/21/24 (21wks): 180lbs, 11lbs from pre-pregnancy weight

1lbs/wk weight gain during pregnancy

Next test: glucose test

Prenatal workout on youtube or gym at apt-HIIT work or outdoor community prenatal workout, pilates: 6-7 days, 30min


  • working out daily
  • drinking jug of water
  • tracking eating
  • blood pressure is stable


  • using bathroom more often since drinking more water
  • haven't been honest with weight journey, starting pregnancy weight 169lbs instead of 158lbs

Education provided: Healthy weight gain for pregnancy, non-starchy vegetables

Continue with previous nutrition diagnosis:

Food and nutrition related knowledge deficit related to lack of prior exposure to pregnancy nutrition-related information and how to make changes as evidenced by verbalizing uncertainty as to how to consistently apply food/nutrition information during pregnancy.

Meal plan updates

Cut down bread intake to 1/2

Went out to eat-did not order bread

Instead of eating an entire pizza, had 3 slices instead

Eating more oatmeal, 1pk

Smoothie cup 12oz, drink 6oz cup


  • Drink smoothie in 6oz cup, 4-6oz of smoothie w/ protein
  • Goal met: Continue with 10-15min power nap before going into work
  • Goal met: Continue with physical activity: everyday 30min
  • Not met: Make half plate/meal non-starchy vegetables & incorporate 1-2 vegetable snacks into the day
  • Continue with tracking meals and physical activity on Healthie app
  • Continue download glucose test results onto Healthie app

Will continue to monitor

Follow Up: 1x/3 weeks

Topics Discussed

Weight Loss

Appointment History

Number of Sessions: 5

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2024