Height: 5 ft 8 in

Weight: 150 lbs

BMI: 22.8

Registered Dietitian

Rachel Punch, RD

Insurances: Aetna,Anthem,Blue Cross Blue Shield,Cigna,United Healthcare

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Nutrition Diagnosis

I have severe migraines, arthritis in my spine, cervical stenosis, depression/anxiety, and fibromyalgia. I have very “American” eating habits, and I know that is contributing to my general lack of feeling well. I want to change my eating habits and begin to feel better but I don’t really know where to start. I want to have the energy to exercise again. Digestive issues, avocados, and bananas are a big sensitivity to her (bloating), dairy, wine/nitrates/nitrites, night shades (possibly).

Pt cooks one meal per day, and does not bring junk food into the house. She stated that she does do well when she has a plan and meal preps as well.

B: skips at times - fruit (apple, baby orange, berries) OR eggs/toast OR bowl of cereal

L: Sandwich, OR salad, chicken tender with fries (just varies)

D: Protein/veggie/with a starch

S: granola, fruits et.

Topics Discussed

IBS,Gut Health

Appointment History

Number of Sessions: 1

Last Updated: May 29, 2024