Height: 5 ft 11 in

Weight: 158 lbs

BMI: 22

Registered Dietitian

Sherry Lin, RD

Insurances: Aetna,Anthem,Blue Cross Blue Shield,Cigna,United Healthcare

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Ct reports the food was really good at camp, but it was hard to finish every meal beause she was stressed. Lunch was hard because after physical training.

Hated the texture of beans.

B: potatoes bites, oily, didn't eat the eggs or sausages; waffles w/ PB

L: Mac N Cheese; Chicken and rice; mashed potatoes, starch

S: gold fish, jerky

D: same as lunch

Wed- went to ER, stomach in extreme, kept throwing up, severe constipation, miralax

  • not eating enough
  • not enough fiber
  • not enough fluids/water
Topics Discussed

Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating

Appointment History

Number of Sessions: 14

Last Updated: May 24, 2024