Height: 5 ft 6 in

Weight: 340 lbs

BMI: 54.9

Registered Dietitian

Sarah Nash, RD

Insurances: Aetna,Anthem,Blue Cross Blue Shield,Cigna,United Healthcare

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan


Filling half of the plate with non-starchy vegetables, 1/4 with lean proteins and 1/4 with whole grains

Education materials provided:

Healthy Eating Plate, Plate Method for Diabetes, Portion Sizes

Short term dietary goals

1. Set a reminder or alarm on your phone for insulin, try to take it at 9 pm daily.

2. Pay attention to portion sizes, and increase vegetable intake ( aim to fill half of the plate with non-starchy vegetables).

Short term exercise goals

1. Continue going to the gym 3-4X/week

Topics Discussed

Weight Loss,PCOS,Diabetes

Appointment History

Number of Sessions: 1

Last Updated: May 31, 2024