Height: 5 ft 2 in

Weight: 140 lbs

BMI: 25.6

Registered Dietitian

Josey Schillinger, RD

Insurances: Aetna,Anthem,Blue Cross Blue Shield,Cigna,United Healthcare

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

GOALS REVIEWED: she is still feeling very stressed, more stressed than the last time we spoke. She is still working late most days - paying for a membership and she's not going and it's been frustrating. But knows she can readjust and reorganize. Knows she has to focus on work-life balance so she can make herself a priority and hit the goals she is aiming for. She wants to change that mindset so she can think positively and find a way to work and feel good in her body.

Knows her last work environment was so toxic she was getting sick so often. And she wasn't listening to it because she felt like it was 'normal.' But now she is looking back and realizing there were signs. So now she is better able to recognize those signs and is paying attention to her body. Trying to sleep and prioritize some self-care at the end of the day. However, she has felt off track with her goals. She was able to shut it off at 5pm and workout yesterday, but it was hard. She knows she can only do what she can do in the workday. Cycling and strength she did well, but the yoga was so tough for her yesterday. It humbled her as how not working out for 2 weeks affected her. She drank 40 fl oz of water. But ended up with a headache after the workout.  She also skipped lunch yesterday so maybe it was a lack of fuel as well. She ate breakfast and dinner that day so she feels it was lack of fuel prior to the workout.

A big win is no stomach issues! Still having her probiotic Activia first thing in the AMs, then will have the Greek yogurt later once she takes care of the fur babies (so around 10am). Usually is around 1-3pm for lunch. Has to take the 30-min to feed the fur-babies and that becomes her lunch break. So her mom being gone has been hard as well and added stress. Will try to eat her breakfast at this time while the dogs are outside. Feeling good with her bf routine - yogurt + granola + chocolate chips. No more smoothies lately. Today she had a bell pepper with egg for bf. But this week and last week it was a lot of Greek yogurt. No issues in her stomach.

Went to Amazon Fresh and looked at all the labels, so she chose the granola with the highest protein. It took her awhile, but it made her feel good walking out of the store reading the ingredients.

When she doesn't eat lunch she eats dinner around 5-6pm instead of 7/8pm because she is hungry right after work. Never eating dinner while working, laptop is closed and she is done for the day. Feels full at the end of the day. But she is being mindful how much she is eating. One day she ate tacos but usually avoids them because of the calories - but it was filling and kept her full all night.

She is adding chocolate chips to her yogurt in the AMs for something to sweet. Ate a cutie after her workout for some fruit and to see if it would help her headache, it did help some.  She had dinner after the workout as well and had ground turkey + bell pepper + hummus. Sweets overall have been less. One time she gave it and ate a piece of candy. But she let herself and then she was able to move forward. Beyond that she hasn't had a lot of sweets at night. Ever since she stopped buying candy and removed it from her environment it helped reduce the candy intake. Her mom not being around also changed their eating habits  a bit. It's more about labels

She is always over or right at 65g of protein per day. Looked over her food log together for patterns and ideas. Has not been having hr 5 fruits or veggies. Something she dropped. It was easier to do it in a smoothie, and now without the smoothie she has not been eating as many fruits. Not many veggies either. Was eating Healthy Choice frozen meals for lunches.  A lot of chicken or meats for dinner without veggies. Fruits were limited: cherries, a peach, a cutie, etc. Before she was eating 5 servings and now its more occasional. Wants to re-implement her veggies and fruits again. Eat dinner with 2 servings of veggies.  Food logging regularly for insight. Explored her relationship with food and food logging. She uses the app as a guide and even if she is over in her calories she learns from it and moves on. She feels like she is eating enough, feels like she can listen to her hunger and is not afraid to eat.

She noticed she has lost 2 lbs - right now she is at 140 lbs and she feels great! Decided to step on the scale 1x per week because she saw some changes in her body. She is seeing changes slowly in her body. She thinks upping her protein has helped a lot. And being mindful in what she is eating, looking at labels, and planning and being intentional. Her walking pad has been used 2k. She did get in over 5k steps a few times a week including Monday (cleaning, grocery shopping, etc). She did workout only 1x this week. Lacking exercise due to stress. Discussed next steps and what she wants to work on. problem solved around work-life balance, lack of activity and lack of self-care. Discussed stress response. Discussed lunch and breakfast ideas. Explored new nutrition education items and ideas for topics of disucssion over the weeks ahead. Discussed how to move past and prevent plateaus.

Takeaways: meal planning and logging food are holding her accountable. Eating at home and less fried foods and more regular meals is leading to less bloating. Stress is taking over and back sliding some habits of self-care.

  • Wins: eating high protein meals, eating breakfast, prioritizing step goals on off-days, seeing weight loss and feeling positive about her body changes.
  • Challenges: mentally tired and drained, overwhelmed with meal planning but finding it getting a bit easier, wanting different foods every meal of everyday, sometimes still skipping meals due to fullness, fluctuations in hunger/fullness cues, influenced by social life, skpping meals, work schedule, sedentary day to day routines, distractions, occasional bloating and stomach discomfort, etc.
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Number of Sessions: 8

Last Updated: May 31, 2024