Height: 5 ft 10 in

Weight: 190 lbs

BMI: 27.3

Registered Dietitian

Eric Meredith, RD

Insurances: Aetna,Anthem,Blue Cross Blue Shield,Cigna,Humana,United Healthcare

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan


  • Been more diligent about calories, sodium, saturated fat
  • Noticed cravings when he is bored
  • Consuming an average of 1500 calories per day
  • Started using Cook Unity mal prep service
  • Working with physical therapist on lower back issue. When cleared, plans to start working out again.
  • Average sodium consumption is about 2000mg per day.
Topics Discussed

High Cholesterol,General Nutrition

Appointment History

Number of Sessions: 3

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2024